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Little Sippa Whiskey

Little Sippa Whiskey

Little Sippa Whiskey
AQHA # Pending
2010 Chestnut filly
$5,000 SOLD

This beautifully-conformed filly is an own daughter of the great 6666 Ranch cutting and versatility sire, Paddys Irish Whiskey. Her bottom side is a royally-bred High Brow Hickory daughter with Doc Bar on her papers both top and bottom. That is as close up as you can get to Doc Bar these days.

Doc Bar was the horse that single-handedly changed the cutting/cow horse business. If you are looking for an impeccably-bred mare to add to your brood band, this breeding will put some real power into your program. You can’t get any closer to the source!

Or, if you want a filly with a wonderful disposition who is ready to train in any direction, Sip is your choice. She has a classic quarter horse conformation with the Doc Bar physique showing in spades. She has perfect balance, sturdy foot and bone, with the musculature of a true quarter horse.


Whoop standing in the snow

Whoop again

Whoop standing profile


(Whoop Up Whiskey)
AQHA # Pending
2010 Bay Colt

Whoop is an own son of the great 6666 Ranch cutting and versatility sire, Paddys Irish Whiskey. This intact colt is out of the great Cross Three Ranch mare, My Little Sugar Babe (previously owned by the Scott Ranch), and full brother to the following champions: Irish Whiskey Sugar ($110,000k+ NCHA); Irish Whiskey Mix (700+ AQHA roping points, $41,000+ AQHA); and Captain Beefheart ($12,000+ NCHA, Area 1 NCHA Derby Champion).

He has the credentials and genetics to be a great sire. If you want a true versatility prospect with the best black type in the business, Whoop is the horse that will make a name for your program. He has impeccable conformation, sturdy foot and bone, deep girth, strong withers, a wonderful disposition, and a little chrome to boot!





Didge in the field

AQHA #4733134
2005 Sorrel Gelding
15 hands

Cowboy Horse Deluxe!

Didgereydo is royally bred (Dual Rey X Smart Little Lena daughter) out of one of Bill Riddle’s good mares. The 2005 gelding was Ian Tyson’s 2008 NCHA Futurity horse and Wylie Gustafson’s 2009 NCHA Derby horse. Through limited showing, Didge has won over $1000 NCHA with Wylie on board.


Not only can Didge pack around cowboy singers, he can cut, pen, sort, rope, drag calves, handle the big country and yodel. He has a wonderful disposition and can handle any type of terrain.

Partner up with piece of Western history. Unconditionally guaranteed.

Watch Didge in action on YouTube


Polly Pureheart

Polly Pureheart

(Polly Pureheart)
AQHA #4877911
2006 Bay Mare Cowhorse bred!

Polly is a Cross Three Ranch-raised mare by SR Hallmarked (offspring earnings over $700,000), out of our producing mare Dregersdrysally-chex. She has excellent conformation and is in perfect health.

If you are looking for affordable horseflesh that’s bred to get the job done, please take a good long look at Polly.

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AQHA #435587
2003 Sorrel Gelding
NCHA earnings of $6,400

Dennis is fully trained and ready to show with all the goods and confidence to take make it happen in the show pen. He will bring out the best in any cutter, penner, or sorter.

Trained as a futurity horse by well-respected Northwest cutting horse trainer Keith Kitchen, Dennis has earned $6,400 NCHA. He was shown in the 2009 cutting season by trainer Tim Johnson. He is a dynamic performer who has marked 73’s and 74’s in the cutting pen.

He spent the last year at the former Cross Three Quarter Horse Ranch in Dusty, Washington, where he has been used as a show horse, practice horse, and ranch horse. He has a great disposition and perfect conformation. He is put together the old-fashioned way with great foot, bone, wither, and girth. He can fire hard in the performance pen and yet stand tied all day at the trailer.

Dennis is one of the last sons by Docs Hickory, out of a Grays Starlight daughter. Cow horse breeding does not get any better. If you are in the market for an athletic, talented cow horse that will allow you to have fun and look good doing it, come and give Dennis a spin. He’s a finished, royally-bred cutting horse for less than $10,000.

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Whiskey on Wheels

Whiskey on Wheels with a rider

Whiskey on Wheels with a rider

(Whiskey On Wheels)
AQHA #5144574
2008 Bay Filly

Wheels is an own daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey out the superb producing mare My Little Sugar Babe and a full sister to Wylie’s great show horses Irish Whiskey Sugar (NCHA earnings $110,000+) and Captain Beefheart (NCHA earnings $10,000+).


Wheels’ essence reflects the definition of versatility, intelligence, cow, foot, bone, size, athleticism and beauty. These are the attributes that define the Cross Three breeding program. Wheels is another great example of our efforts to create an individual that can handle the job of a northern Montana working horse and still compete in the show arena.

She has 30 days under saddle as of mid-March 2010. She has a solid foundation and knows how to get down to business. Her black type makes her perfect brood mare potential for any program that wants to combine athleticism, durability and versatility. She will most likely grow to over 15 hands.


Fly from behind

A rear-view of Whiskey Courage

Flys head

Whiskey Courage

(Whiskey Courage)
AQHA #5102251
2008 Bay Filly
**SOLD** $5,000

Fly is an own daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey out of a Scott Ranch mare by Doc O Dynamite. If you are looking for versatility, this bloodline has proven itself time and time again.

Fly with a rider

Whiskey Courage in the arena

Intelligence, cow, foot, bone, size, athleticism and beauty. Those are the attributes that define the Cross Three breeding program. Fly is a great example of our efforts to create an individual that can handle the job of a northern Montana working horse and still shine in the cutting arena.


She has 30 days under saddle as of mid-March 2010. She is very soft and responsive. Her short stride makes her a super smooth ride. She is exceptionally beautiful and well proportioned. She will most likely grow to 15 hands.




Whiff 2

Whiff O Whiskey in the field.


Whiff O Whiskey

Whiff – AQHA #4930236
(Whiff O Whiskey)

2007 Bay Colt
**SOLD** $10,000

A perfectly-built son of Paddys Irish Whiskey


Whiff's head


Our share of Paddys Irish Whiskey allows us two breedings a year to the versatile brother of Grays Starlight and Rooster. We are offering the highlight of our 2007 crop. Whiff is a truly outstanding individual whose great foot, excellent bone, deep girth, well-developed withers and kind disposition make him a hallmark son of Paddy’s Irish Whiskey.


As of January 2009, Whiff has 30 days of training. He is a complete
gentleman and exhibits all the desirable characteristics of a trainable , tractable and talented individual. Whiff has had regular hoof care, worming, vaccinations, and attention.




Chilly standing


Hedshot of chilly

Coldshot up close

2003 Bay Gelding
AQHA #4465329
**SOLD** $13,500

Super light, responsive & handy!
Ready to work with over $8000 in NCHA earnings to prove it! Chilly is ready to be your cutting-, sorting- or team-penning champion of 2009. He is a pleasure to be around, whether it is on his back as he coolly handles a schizophrenic cow or waiting all day for his name to be called in the cuttin’ pen.

At 14.1 hands, he is a compact version of ranch tough and cow smart. He knows the hills and valleys of our ranch and can handle the great outdoors with ease (getting them outside is part of our training regimen).

We can’t say enough good things about this handsome son of world-famous cowhorse, SR Instant Choice. He is ready to accommodate any level of rider: beginner or advanced. Bright and alert in front of a cow; calm and relaxed tied to the fence. Absolutely no bad habits and as sound as a dollar. He knows how to haul like a champ and yearns to be in the thick of the action. A happy and well-behaved little Napoleon who is ready to conquer the world!

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Jack's head

Picaso’s Eclipse up close

Jack – APHA #678820
(Picaso’s Eclipse)
2002 Paint Gelding
**SOLD** $8,000

This black beauty of the Palouse will win your love! He’s an all-around soldier of the cutting, sorting, and team-penning pen who can do it all and lay it down with style and grace. He’s the smoothest ride on the Cross Three Ranch! Jack has lived life in the big open and yearns for action of the Western kind.


Picaso’s Eclipse in the field

Jack is 2002 model registered Paint gelding who has full siblings winning money at NCHA cuttings in the Northwest. He has been in full cow horse training at the Cross Three Ranch with Tim Johnson since the spring of 2008. He was started and trained by the master of patience and world-class cutter, Joe Jones.


He defines “dead broke” and is willing and ready for a rider of any level. Jack would make a perfect horse for entry level cutters, sorters or penners, or all-around trail hounds. If you are looking for a gentle and talented equine companion, Jack is ready for your discerning approval! Come take a test ride.

Watch Jack and Wylie on YouTube






Twinky – AQHA #4751904
(Poparoo )
2005 Bay Mare
**SOLD** $8,500

Small but mighty!

This tough little bay mare has a heart of gold and a willing attitude. She’s ready to pick up buckles in team penning, sorting, or ranch versatility. Very handy, light, and knows how to lay down “elevens” when it comes to stopping.

Barely stands 14 hands, but she “sabe the business bueno!” Twinky has been on the Cross Three Ranch since she was a yearling, and we offer her as a sterling example of our versatile training program. Her full sister (Poppin Eclipse) is one of the top Northwest cutting stars, so we know Twinky has the genes to go the distance in the competitive arena.

Looking for the all-around mare who doesn’t leave you dizzy from heights? Come test ride this fully-broke, ready-to-rock, using mare.




Penney's head

Pendelton Whiskey up close

Penny – AQHA #4877190
(Pendelton Whiskey )
2006 Bay Mare
**SOLD** $8,000

A 7/8 sister to Wylie’s famous Irish Whiskey Sugar show horse (NCHA $85K+)

Penny is by Paddys Irish Whiskey, out of a Scott Ranch bred mare (Thorn Sis Sugar). The Cross Three Ranch owns a share of Paddys Irish Whiskey (6666 Ranch), allowing us two breedings a year to this versatile, world-renowned stallion who is making waves in the cow horse industry.


Pendelton Whiskey in the field

Penny has a solid 90 days of training and is Wylie’s favorite 2 year old. Being a “gelding outfit” we are turning this good mare loose on the market. She will not disappoint! Penny is the perfect blend of cow sense, conformation, disposition, and class.


Like the rest of our sale horses, Penny comes with a 30-day guarantee, but we have the feeling she will be treasured by the lucky horseman or horsewoman who yearns for the best of what the West has to offer.

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Rey Cardo

Rey Cardo from behind

Cardo – AQHA #4361112
(Rey Cardo)
**SOLD** $20,000

July 2008
2003 Sorrel Gelding
Royally bred own son of the great Dual Rey out of a Freckles Playboy daughter. The breeding just doesn’t get any better, but forget about his papers because Cardo is as talented as they come and ready to work. He can cut, pen, sort and make you look good doing it! He has over $700 in NCHA earnings with limited showing.

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View Rey Cardo in action on YouTube





Spyder in the field

January 2008
1999 Grade Palomino Gelding
**SOLD** $6,500

Ride Big!

Here is your chance to be 16.2 hands nearer to God! Spyder was the High Point Ranch Gelding at the 2007 Bonina Horse Sale where he ranked high on all five show classes and won the overall competition against some very seasoned horses. He is a versatile and multi-talented hunk of equine perfection who knows his business and has the experience and Western U.S. passport stamps to prove it.

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Watch Wylie and Spyder on YouTube





Pancho in the field

**SOLD** $3,500
December 2007
2002 Grade Pinto Gelding Pony

Yipee! O.K. Mom and Dad, here is your chance to own a well-behaved pony with over nine months of top- notch training. We picked this handy little bundle of joy up at a cutting event in Oregon where we watched him being ridden and trained by Sage Kittleman, the daughter of professional cutting horse trainer Marylin Kittleman. Pancho is a well- mannered 13H pony who knows his business.

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Smart Little Opie

Opie – AQHA #4436973
(Smart Little Opie)
**SOLD** $16,000
December 2007
2003 Bay Gelding

Leading the WCHA Non Pro Derby Class as of August 2007! Over $2000 in NCHA earnings and holds a NCHA Certificate of Ability.
We are proud to offer Opie, a beautiful and well-bred athlete who knows the cow business. Opie defines our cutting/sorting horse program and we are excited to offer him for sale. This home raised/ home bred gelding has been carefully trained by Wylie Gustafson ($75K NCHA earnings).

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Sally – AQHA #3607593
**SOLD** September 2007
1997 Bay Mare

Cross Three Ranch producing / using mare
Sally is a supremely well broke and royally bred grand daughter of the great west coast cowhorses Dry Doc and Doc Tom Tucker. Sally is a trained cutter with over $500 in jackpot earnings. Her first colt (Smart Little Opie) is a NCHA money earner.

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Whiskey Biscuit

Whiskey Biscuit

Biscuit – AQHA #4864205
(Whiskey Biscuit)
**SOLD** $8,000
May 2007
2006 Bay Stallion

Biscuit is a son of the great 6666 Ranch sire, Paddys Irish Whiskey (full brother to Grays Starlight and Gallo Del Cielo). This intact colt is out of the great Cross Three Ranch mare, My Little Sugar Babe, dam of Irish Whiskey Sugar ($55k NCHA), Irish Whiskey Mix (550 AQHA roping points), and My Starlight babe (AQHA show Jr. Cutting 4th place Open-$6k AQHA).

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Sister Whiskey

Sister Whiskey

Fiona – AQHA #4602044
(Sister Whiskey)
**SOLD** March 2007
2004 Bay Mare

“This is the finest mare that we have ever raised.” states Wylie. A big claim for a man who chooses his words carefully when it comes to horses. A full sister to the great Irish Whiskey Sugar (NCHA $60K+ earnings) and the phenomenal AQHA rope horse Irish Whiskey Mix (700+ AQHA points), her black type is just the beginning of what makes her a stellar attraction.

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**SOLD** $4,000
April 2007
2003 Grade Buckskin Gelding

Color with talent to boot! Beauty runs more than skin deep with Hondo.
A 15.3H well-proportioned and graceful buckskin with the versatility to make you look good at the next gather, branding, or extreme trail race.

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Minnie Cooper

Minnie Cooper

Minnie – AQHA #4602043
(Minnie Cooper)
**SOLD** $5,000″
December 2006
2004 Sorrel Mare

Every once and a while we get a young horse who seems to be born broke. We are very discerning about what we consider a “broke” horse but Minnie is already making us proud! What a pleasure it has been to ride and be around this Cross Three Ranch bred sorrel mare.

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Smokin Clever Star

Smokin Clever Star

Mouse – AQHA #4297964
(Smokin Clever Star)
**SOLD** $3,500

2000 Sorrel Gelding
A 14-hand package of ranch grit, big country tough, and cow horse smart.

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Mr Hickory Command

Mr Hickory Command

Leroy – AQHA #3343803
(Mr Hickory Command)
**SOLD** $7,500
1994 Bay Gelding, 14.1 hands

Leroy loves life and shows it with a friendly and outgoing personality. He has been shown as a competitive NCHA cutter and was the 2005 Reserve Champion in the Blue Mountain Cutting Club 500 Rider Class.

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BNL Huck Flinn

BNL Huck Flinn

Huckleberry – AQHA #4404274
(BNL Huck Flinn)
**SOLD** $7,500
2003 Sorrel Gelding, 15 hands

Huckleberry is currently being prepared by Wylie for the 2006 cutting horse futurities. He has also spent the summer as Wylie’s turnback horse, pack horse, and gathering horse.

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Manny – AQHA #4044794
**SOLD** $15,000

Cutter Deluxe / All Around Using Horse
Cows fear him and shiver at the mention of his name. He not only cuts, but also is our top guest horse and green rider chaperone.

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Nemo – APHA #675752
**SOLD** $5,000
2002 Tobiano Gelding, 15 hands.

Old-style cow horse bloodlines with a bold and colorful coat that would make Mr. Armani look twice.

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DJ Sugar Cookies

DJ Sugar Cookies

Bird – AQHA #4367465
(DJ Sugar Cookies)
**SOLD** $4,500
2003 Sorrel Gelding, 14.2 hands

A package of excellent cow horse bloodlines and eye pleasing conformation.

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