Woronieckis & Wylie with Irish Whiskey Legacy (name pending)Congratulations to Warren and Jodie Woroniecki of Hebron, N.D., on the purchase of a 2009 Cross Three bay stud colt out of My Little Sugar Babe. Irish Whiskey Legacy (name pending) is a son of Paddys Irish Whiskey and a full brother to Wylie’s top-notch cutting/ranch versatility  horses, Irish Whiskey Sugar (NCHA $100,000+) and Captain Beefheart (NCHA $10,000+ and August 2008 Western Horseman coverboy).

Woroniecki Ranch Quarter Horses brings Cross Three genetics to their well-planned versatility/ranch horse program. They specialize in royally-bred, sturdy-boned, and good-minded horses at affordable prices.

A 900-cow beef operation with room to roam gives the Woroniecki training program plenty of ever-present, real-life situations, the kind of opportunities needed to make a dependable equine partner. Check them out if you are interested in versatility/ranch horses.


MannyDear Wylie,
Manny Rocks!
Docaman, Manolito, Manny, by any other name is a once in a lifetime find!


When the ranch sorting bug hit me, I began the search for just the right horse. I wanted one that knew more than I did, not too aggressive, not too timid, but  “Just Right”. I searched for a year and a half before I stumbled across your web site. Friends thought I was crazy or at least eccentric to go all the way to Washington.
Those same people now say I found “a pretty nice horse”. Manny is kind, willing and talented. He handles pressure better than any horse I’ve ever ridden. He’s athletic and solid. He is as described in his own song “…el caballo bonito…”.
Ranch Sorting is popular here, so it is not unusual for there to be 40+ teams at small competitions and 60-80 teams on a bigger day.  We began the 2006 season nearly 3 months late yet ended up in the Novice Division Top Ten!
We finished 2006 by traveling to compete at the Cryin’ Coyote Arena in Yuma, Arizona. There were three divisions, an Open, a Five and a Three. Manny and I competed in the “5’s”. There were 90 teams! I was lucky enough to have really good partners, but without Manny I couldn’t have done as well. We made it into the “shoot out” (fastest team for our herd), we got “fastest first cow out” the second day and overall we finished in fourth place!
I’ve had offers, but I have no intention of ever parting with my teammate and buddy.
When I encounter someone looking for a horse I tell them “Dusty Washington isn’t really so far away”
Thanks for “A Good One,”
Pat Griffith 
El Cajon, California



Hi Wylie-

JET is still in the family … our son rodeos on him heading….
grandsons rope on him…he does it ALL. Wade says it’s the best horse he’s ever owned!!! and he’s had some good ones.
Here’s a picture of our 13 yr. old grandson roping on
him Labor Day weekend.

Tom and Phyllis Jess
East Wenatchee, Wash.


We had an award winning Cross Three Quarter Horse weekend.  As a family we rode in seven events at the Cowboy Up on the Palouse Trail and Ranch Horse Challenge and came home with two firsts, a second, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth place.  And as a bonus, Levi came home with the Junior Horse Ranch Horse Challenge Champion!!  The competition was very stiff.  The margin was narrow and Levi won by only one point so it was a close one!  We were very impressed with the event and the turn out for the weekend was 50 or so horses all together.  We were pleased and proud aboard our Cross Three mounts.  Levi and Pokey are the best!

Pullman, Washington

Hi Wylie,

I have to tell you how well Nemo did this past weekend at the Extreme Cowboy Race!  It was such an adrenalin rush!  Saturday we did the course at a walk and we had to work on some of the obstacles.

Sunday came and I started out at a trot but he responded so well that we went the rest of the course at a lope (sometimes a gallop)!  There were creeks to cross, steep hills to climb and come down from.  One of them, you had to climb a steep hill, cross over at the top, start to come down the other side, turn around at a certain point and back down the rest of the way, staying between the white lines that were on the ground.  Another was a jump up of about 2 1/2 feet high, which was on an uphill climb, turn around a cone at the top, then come down the hill and off the jump up.  The came “THE BOG!!!”.  Some horses sank up to their bellies (those horses that lunged through).  Nemo checked it out at first, then gingerly paddle footed through and came through just fine (no lunging)!  It was up to his knees.  Another was a narrow wooden bridge we had to cross over a running stream.  The requirement for that one is that they had to cross it at a walk, after a full gallop across an open field.  We know how Nemo likes to run, but he checked up at the bridge and went across it at a walk on a loose rein.  I was so proud of him.  after that, came the pond which is full of cattails.  It really was a bog with water standing on it.  You had to enter and exit at marked spots.  We went through that at a gallop with mud and water flying everywhere!  That was a kick!  Then you had to go to the arena, open and close and latch a gate, then load your horse into a trailer inside the arena, (so it was kind of dim inside the trailer), then the rider had to sprint to the finish table and initial next to their name to end their time!  Nemo did very very well.  He passed all of the obstacles (each was either pass or fail).   He finished fourth out of about 20 riders!

People were congratulating me on how well he did for a young horse.  I sure told everyone who had started him and trained him and where he came from!

Marilyn Chevalier
Worley, Idaho

Levi“Levi and I went to the trail clinic in Colfax and we had so much fun.  Levi was the only horse that went under the tarp and over the tarp (with water and pine boughs) with no questions asked! He was so awesome.  The love affair continues….”

Kelly Ward
Pullman, Washington



Jet saddledPhyllis Jess writes about Jet, a Cross Three Ranch gelding she purchased in 2003:
”Wylie……..Your “child” (JET) is a wonderful horse…….you have done a great job on him and what a great personality he has……he got his shoes today ….he was awesome……..my shoer loved him cause he’s tall enough to get under and he just stood so nice…. It’s so nice to have a young horse that stands, loads, doesn’t mind a bath, spray can, etc……….such a good mind he has……… You can use me for a reference anytime someone wants to buy something you have ridden……..Thank God for JET………..
God Bless,

Waterville, Washington

Spud standingLisa Richmond writes about Spud, a Cross Three Ranch gelding she purchased in 2000:
“After 3 months I couldn’t be happier with this wonderful horse! He is such a joy to ride and has so much personality…. a joy to be around on the ground. I think you’ve done a wonderful job with Spud’s training.

Thank you for Spud. I truly believe that I am one of the luckiest, happiest people on the planet!”

Lisa Richmond
Richland, Washington

Headshot of CupcakeRobin Sachau writes aboutCupcake, a Cross Three Ranch mare (with foal at side) that she purchased in 2002:
“The girls are fine and I am enjoying the heck out of them!!! I can’t believe how much joy they have brought into my life. Thanks so much for raising such nice mares. I feel blessed to own them and it will be an honor to ride them.”

Robin Sachau

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