Training Center




Wylie Cutting Outside
*Wylie does not train outside horses. He only trains and sells horses owned by his Cross Three Quarter Horse Ranch.


The Cross Three Quarter Horse Ranch is proud of our first-class facilities, well-maintained footing, and state-of-the-art indoor arena. We take special care to create a clean and safe environment. Wylie’s cutting background is the key to the basic foundation of his horse training program. His years of training include riding under clinicians such as Paul Hansma, Bill Riddle, Chubby Turner, Curt Pate, Lindy Burch, Buck Brannaman, Pat Wyse, Jake Barnes, and Dale Woodard.  He believes that finding the balance between “ultra-broke” and “willing to think on its own” is the key to every good horse.
Wylie's new barn
Wylie’s new facility (built in 2009) allows for year-round training. He is a proponent of giving horses as much exposure to the outside environment as possible. Wylie insists on spending as much time outside of the pen as he does on the inside. Every horse in the program must be willing to cross creeks, open gates, negotiate rough terrain, handle a rope, track cattle, and be able to maintain its composure in any environment.

The Cross Three Ranch cattle operation is situated on the eastern slope of the Rockies–on the Two Medicine River–and provides varied exposure for colts. Wylie’s goal is to build a horse that will always make its rider confident, in any situation. He believes strongly in the Cross Three Quarter Horse Ranch breeding program and has had great success training, showing, and marketing his horses.